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    • Fully integrated manufacturing facilities
    • Empowering Indian agriculture with sophisticated technology
    • Producing ethanol…fuelling possibilities
    • Generating eco-friendly and renewable power
    • Environment friendly bio-fertilizers

    Business » Overview

    NSL Sugars Limited (NSL) is one of the most efficient integrated sugar companies in south India and a sugar arm of ‘NSL’ group. NSL Group entered the ‘sugar’ industry as part of their diversified interests in agro- commercial crop business.

    NSL Sugars Ltd was established as an associate company of NSL group in the year of 2003-04 with the vision that the real scope for economic activity lies in agro-based Industry in rural India. Today, NSL Sugars is amongst the top ten sugar companies in India with five integrated sugar complexes across Karnataka, Telangana & Maharashtra states producing sugar (27000 TCD), Cogeneration power (152MW), Distillery (280 KLPD) and organic manure products & Bio fertilizer products (300 MTPA).

    All plants are located in south India with proximity to air / sea ports to support refining operations during off-season. All these five integrated plants are strategically located with better cane availability prospects, higher yields & recovery rates and relatively easier regulatory environment. This would be an important value/profitability driver for the growth prospects of the company. Strong farmer relationships of the Group are another key lever in the cane development potential of the Company.

    • Zero waste plants means that all by-products generated are further processed into saleable products.
    • Molasses, Bagasse and Press mud, which are the by-products of the sugar manufacturing process, are converted into Ethanol / Rectified Spirit, Power and Organic manure products respectively.
    • Enabling the socio – economic development of our farmers.
    • By adopting rigid air pollution control measures, the company has entered into Clean Development Mechanism and Carbon Credit agreement with international organization.

    NSL Sugars has been awarded with the “Best Technical Efficiency award” for the season 2007-08 & 2011-12 at the annual SISSTA convention. NSL Sugars has also been awarded with the “Award of Excellence in SWM” at 3rd International conference on Solid Waste Management 2012.

    The company has achieved tremendous acceleration in the last 10 years & has aggressive plans for the future to grow and become one amongst the top five players of the Industry in the Country.

    The company has strong management team comprising highly experienced professionals with rich domestic & international experience in the sugar sector. NSL Sugars is one of the few sugar companies which has implemented SAP for comprehensive IT solutions for the entire supply chain. The company has implemented modern technologies into its operations, process & systems to enable optimal efficiency. The sugar quality is on par with the best and therefore fetches premium in the market.