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    Production of Double Sulphitation white sugar

    The sugar is normally produced in three forms viz 1) Refined Sugar 2) Cane plantation double sulphitation direct consumption white sugar and 3) Raw sugar. We produce mostly the second category, which is double sulphitation white sugar and raw sugar based on offer. The project for producing refined sugar, pharma grade sugar and sugar candy are also in the pipeline.

    • Juice Extraction from Cane

      The sugar cane brought through trucks and carts is weighed and unloaded into the cane carrier. The cane preparatory units viz, leveler, cutter, shredder / fibrizer cut the cane into pieces and produces fibrous mat. The prepared cane passes through the milling tandem consisting of 4 to 6 set of mills as per the cane crushing capacity. There are two roller mills at Krishnaveni and Thungabhadra Unit and three roller mills in other units. The compound juice imbibition is followed and imbibition water is applied before the last mill.

    • Clarification of Cane Juice

      The cane juice extracted is heated to 70oC, the milk of lime and Sulphur Dioxide is added simultaneously for clarification of juice. The sulphited juice is heated to 102oC and clarified in the 444 / Short retention clarifiers. The bottom muddy juice is mixed with bagacillo and filtered through vacuum filters. The cake is washed, dried and sent out as filter cake and which is used as manure.

      The supernatant liquid called as clear juice having about 85% of water is concentrated in the multiple effect evaporators to reach 60 Brix. Again this syrup is suplhited to pH 5.00.

    • Crystallization and separation of sugar crystals

      The sugar crystallization and extraction of sucrose molecules from the mother liquors is done in 3 stages and accordingly A, B and C massecuites are boiled. The A-Massecuite is boiled with syrup Melt, A-Light and B-Seed. The mother liquor obtained after separation of commercial sugar from A-Massecuite is called as A-Heavy molasses. The B-Massecuite is boiled with entire A.H. Molasses and cured in the Continuous Centrifugals and the resultant molasses is called as B-Heavy molasses. The B-Heavy molasses is used for C-Massecuite boiling. The Molasses separated by curing C-Massecuite in Continuous Centrifugals is called as final molasses. The Sugar obtained for C-Massecuite is once again cured and sugar is melted and used for A-Massecuite boiling. The A-Massecuite is cured in the batch Centrifugals, double washed, dried in the hoppers, graded and bagged in 50 kgs PP bags.

    The final commercial sugar produced in our company is S-30,M-30,M-Bold and L-30.