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    NSL sugars is one of the largest producers & exporters of sugar in the country. Sugar manufactured by us is recognized as a premium quality product having global reach & acceptance.

    The plantation white sugar is produced at our state of the art manufacturing facilities at Koppa, Krishnaveni, Aland, Siruguppa, and Jaimahesh by Double sulphitation followed by syrup clarification by phospho floatation process. The plantation white sugar, thus produced, not only meets the specifications of indian Sugar Standards of Govt of India, but also surpasses in many of quality aspects. Due to double purification steps, the sugar produced contains lower color and other impurities. Large industrial users of sugar in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sector are our customers for whom we are the preferred vendor. Our customer base includes Indian and multi-national companies, including Pepsico, Coca Cola, Britannia, Kraft, Parle, ITC and Wrigley, Cadila, Mylanto to name a few, who have stringent quality requirements. Our Koppa factory is ISO 9001 : 2008, FSSC 22000 and Halal certified unit and approved supplier by Coke, Pepsico, Wrigley etc. Tungabhadra factory is ISO 9001: 2008 certified unit and approved supplier by Parle Agro. The Krishnaveni factory is approved supplier by Pepsico, Parle Agro etc.

    Our Units operating system comply with ISO 22000 standards. Our State of art manufacturing units supply to internationally renowned foods, beverage and pharma companies, we adhere to international standards on procurement, processes, storage facilities having stringent hygienic environment.

    • The Quality

      The polarisation of sugar produced is 99.8%. The ICUMSA (color value ) of sugar, one of the main quality criteria, is around 75 units (by method 10). Smaller grain marketed as S30 has larger demand by Local customers and the bolder variety of sugar produced and marketed as M30 commands a premium in the Indian /Overseas Market. We also produce large size crystals which is marketed as L30 as per market requirements. We have been regular exporters of sugar to other countries over the last decade.

      NSL sugars Is a pioneer in the manufacture of alcohol through Molasses and Grain fermentation.

      NSL Sugars has its state of art distilleries at Koppa (Karnataka) and Ramkrishnapur ( Telangana), both having capacity of 60 KLPD. Koppa uses own captive molasses whereas Krishnaveni produces from both Molasses and grain.

    • Products

      Ethanol –the denatured spirit having 99.6% purity is supplied for fuel Blending and industrial uses. We are suppliers to State owned Petroleum companies- BPCL, IOCL etc. along with being exclusive suppliers in Telangana to Pharma majors and medical institutions as Piramal, Gland, Nuland, Kidwai Memorial Hospital, etc.

      Absolute Alcohol – the product confirms purity more than 99.8%, this spirit is primarily used for medicinal formulations. This is custom made for our exclusive customers – Piramal, Mylan, Glaxo, Virchow and others.

      ENA - 96% pure spirit confirming 68+OP, produced under most stringent processes and hygienic conditions is the preferred product of key bottlers of AP, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Goa. USL, ABD, Radico Khaitan, Seagram, Bacardi are some of our esteemed and satisfied associates.

      Impure Spirit and Rectified spirit is produced and consumed for manufacturing Ethanol and ENA for our Customers; it is customized and sold to Pharma customers also.

    • Product Characteristics
      S.No Characteristics Characteristics description / Specification
      1 Composition Sugar Cane
      2 Standard Reference IS 15279:2003& FSSAI Act 2011
      3 Physical Characteristics White granulated sugar crystals
      Size: S-30: min.95% retain on 300 micron mesh
      M-30: min.95% retain on 600 micron mesh
      L-30: min.95% retain on 850 micron mesh
      4 Chemical Characteristics Ref: NC Varma ISS Book:15279:2003 FSS Act 2011 Moist %: 0.07 % max
      Pol %: 99.6 % min
      RS %: 0.03 % max
      Ash%:0.08 Max.
      SO2- 15 ppm max
      Turbidity % by wt. - Nil
      Water insolubility by wt. – 0.10 % max
      Colour:S30 <90, M30 <110, L30<125 (GS-2/3-10)
      Appearance - white crystals
      Black spec - < 20/kg
      Odor - No off odor
      Floc potential- Slight or no floc
      Sediment - 100 ppm

      Metal ppm by wt. max.
      Lead 0.1
      Copper 1
      Arsenic 0.1
      Tin 250
      Zinc 50
      Cadmium 1.5
      Chromium 0.02
      Mercury 1.0
      5 Microbiological Characteristics Mesophillac bacteria - 200cfu/10g,
      Yeast Moulds/g max- 10cfu/10g,
      Total thermophilic spores- 200cfu/10g,
      QAC - 2ppm, Dextron-125ppm
      6 Pesticide residue Atrazine-0.25ppm, Corbofuron-0.1ppm,Phorate-0.05ppm
      Simazine-0.25ppm, Endosulfan-0.1ppm
      7 Intended Shelf Life Twenty four Months
      8 Storage Condition To be stored in Dry place
      9 Packaging Packed in Poly Propylene with inner polythene liner
      10 Labeling related food safety and or Instructions for Handling, Preparation & usage Company name; Product name; Grade, Lot no, Month of Manufacturing; season; Best before use.
      11 Methods of  Distribution Methods of  Distribution
      12 Statutory & Regulatory Food safety Requirements Product Specification to be complied as per IS 5982-1970, FSSAI reg NO :10012043000234
    • Certificates

      Our State of Art manufacturing units supply to internationally renowned foods, beverage and Pharma companies, we adhere to international standards on procurement, processes, storage facilities having stringent hygienic environment.