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    • Fully integrated manufacturing facilities
    • Empowering Indian agriculture with sophisticated technology
    • Producing ethanol…fuelling possibilities
    • Generating eco-friendly and renewable power
    • Environment friendly Sugarcane cultivation
    • Driving growth and sustainance: 100% usage, Zero wastage

    NSL Sugars Limited

    NSL Sugars Limited (NSL) is one of the most efficient sugar companies in south India and a sugar arm of ‘NSL’ group. NSL Group entered the ‘sugar’ business being related to agro- commercial crop business. Read more »

    Mr. M Prabahkar Rao, Chairman, NSL Group
    Dr. P. Kotaiah, Chairman and Independent Director

    Mr. M. Prabahkar Rao, Chairman, NSL Group

    Dear Stakeholders,
    It’s a great privilege to share that we are among few groups to have diversification and strategy in our business. NSL Group is building world-class brands, creating enduring values and providing sustainable livelihoods for farmers and nation. It’s a new paradigm of competitiveness positioning NSL Group for the challenges of tomorrow.

    NSL brand was built on the premise of quality & commitment to the customers. NSL is today acclaimed as a big leader in a variety of business verticals span across India in the form of numerous milestone projects. Agility and scalability have accorded the company a strong delivery platform, capable of handling all variety of projects of any size and scale.

    Quality is the key driver that influences the functionality of NSL, quality that evokes true customers delight. NSL functionality is built around the concept of delivering a promise called quality within the stipulated time and cost. Today, I am happy to see that the organization has made rapid strides in evolving as a brand that brings delight to its external and internal stakeholders.

    Over Journey:

    The NSL Group started in the mid '70s with a seeds company. Since then we have diversified strategically into a variety of agri-based businesses, as well as into the fields of infrastructure and power, where India has enormous future needs.

    NSL group is “One of India’s fastest growing business groups” guided by a powerful vision to take our place as one of India's leading industrial groups, and a leader in every field we operate in. We're working hard to realize that vision, driven by our core strengths, and backing the effort with investments of over Rs. 200 billion. We aspire to be a group with Rs. 100 billion in revenues and a market cap of over Rs. 250 billion by 2020.

    What is it that makes the NSL Group stand apart?

    • Our proven entrepreneurial strengths.
    • Our insistence on excellence.
    • Our robust business models.
    • Our investments in technology.
    • Our strong execution capabilities
    • Our track record of delivering, in everything we’ve undertaken.

    Corporate Social Responsibility: NSL Group always gives prime importance to CSR, we believe in the responsibility of a corporation such as ours to the society it lives in, and the need for it to contribute to the betterment of that society. We have therefore set up the Mandava Foundation to pursue that goal. The Foundation has identified four basic need areas in which we can most significantly impact society, education, healthcare, employment generation and the transfer of knowledge to the Indian farmer.

    The operational results of NSL Sugars Limited have shown considerable improvement over the previous years. For the year 2018 -19 we have to enhance our crushing capacity with the help of value addition in all the areas.

    Group Chairman

    Dr. P. Kotaiah, Chairman and Independent Director

    We should all be happy that NSL Sugars has posted better results with improved performance.It was possible with contribution from every one of you. At the same time, let us remember that we are behind our planned targets for the year and significantly lower as compared to potential opportunities. To realize the business potential and develop our operations towards long-term sustainability is a challenge before all of us. This challenge is a great opportunity for self-expression, which is the inner urge of any individual. Our goal is to ensure and see that NSL Sugars is the efficient institution in all respects with spread of benefits to all key stakeholders. It is possible; we can reach our goal in defined time frame of about 2-3 years with devotion, dedication, commitment, discipline, hard work and strong determination.

    One of the potential areas that need sustained focus is Cane development to achieve important operational parameters:

    It is not my intention to talk to you through this limited space about all our challenges and plans. However, I assure you that we have a road map to re-engineer our business and HR processes to improve all round efficiencies with optimal cost and work on value additions. Above all, employee welfare and satisfaction is upper most in our mind.

    Let us look forward for a most satisfying FY 2018-19. I am sure all of you will work with determination to reach our business targets and goals for the year, if not over achieve.

    “It is time for a Big Leap, let us make it happen“

    All the best!
    Warm Regards,
    P Kotaiah
    Chairman –NSL Sugars

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